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pybuild.Pybuild2.unpack() supports unpacking archives via shutil.unpack_archive().

This includes support for the following formats:

  • zip: ZIP file.

  • tar: uncompressed tar file.

  • gztar: gzip’ed tar-file

  • bztar: bzip2’ed tar-file

  • xztar: xz’ed tar-file


pybuild.Pybuild1.unpack() supports unpacking archives via patool

Primary archive formats:

  • zip

  • tar, tar.gz

  • 7z (requires 7zip, or p7zip, to be installed)

Secondary Archive Formats:

  • rar (proprietary format which is only supported through the proprietary rar/unrar programs, as well as a non-free extension to 7zip. 1).

  • tar.bz2 (has issues on windows due to the builtin windows tar command not properly supporting it).

  • tar.xz (has had some issues related to detecting archives, since fixed in the development version of patool).


Free implementations exist in libarchive, and unar, but these are not supported by patool. libarchive’s support is also incomplete (some archives fail to extract with the message “Parsing filters is unsupported”).