The ui category contains changes to the user-interface.

Package Atom Name Description
better-ui Arukinns Better UI A wooden, stony and steel UI replacer
big-icons Big Icons Replaces the small 16x16 spell effect icons with your choice of larger icons
chocolate-ui Chocolate UI A modernized Morrowind UI that preserves the vanilla experience.
hd-splash-and-menu HD Concept-art splash screen and main menu Add 26 unique HD concept-art splash screens and main menu.
hd-texture-buttons HD Texture Buttons High-resolution (2x) texture buttons (main menu and journal)
mlse Morrowind Loading Screens Extended Adds loading screens created by Bethesda that were cut from Morrowind
monochrome-user-interface Monochrome User Interface Minimal flat white-on-black user interface overhaul.
official-xbox-splash-screens Official Xbox Splash Screens The official Xbox loading screens converted to work with the desktop version
ultimate-icon-replacer Ultimate Icon Replacer Replaces 600+ inventory icons.
widescreen-alaisiagae-splash-screens Widescreen Alaisiagae Splash Screens Widescreen version of Alaisiagae's Bethesda-style Splash Screen Addon