The quests-misc category contains various quests that do not fit into other categories.

Package Atom Name Description
andrano-ancestral-tomb-remastered Andrano Ancestral Tomb Remastered An overhaul for the second main quest and its associated dungeon
bounty-hunter-assignments Bounty Hunter Assignments Roleplay as a bounty hunter, and kill dangerous criminals and beasts for gold
dubdilla-location-fix Dubdilla Location Fix Fixes another one of Beth's oversights
ebonheart-underworks Ebonheart Underworks Ebonheart now has its own sewage system. With filth, rats, people and quests
fetchers-of-morrowind Fetchers of Morrowind Adds a company that finds items and delivers them to customers.
frozen-in-time Frozen in Time solve a mystery untouched for hundreds of years
gondoliers-license Gondolier's License Acquire the shirt and helm of Vivec gondoliers by applying for a license
illegal-items Illegal Items Collect Illegal Items and hand them over to the Imperial Legion
immersive-imperial-skirt Immersive Imperial Skirt Adds a small quest that enables the player to obtain an imperial skirt.
main-quest-enhancers Main Quest Enhancers Adds a greater 6th House presence to the game as the main quest progresses
main-quest-overhaul Main Quest Overhaul overhauls the Main Quest
master-index Master Index Adds a new quest to find all ten Propylon Indices
of-pillows-and-peril Of Pillows And Peril This is a placeholder package. It cannot be installed
rise-of-the-tribe-unmourned The Rise of the Tribe Unmourned Revised a new questline that succeeds the death of Dagoth Ur
siege-at-fort-firemoth Siege at Firemoth Adds a small island chain and a quest involving a large army of skeletons
tavern-of-broken-dreams Tavern of Broken Dreams Adds a tavern with unused NPCs to interact with the player.
to-save-a-falling-wizard To save a falling wizard (alternate) Fixed For OpenMW and Delta Plugin expands upon Tarhiel, the bosmer enchanter that fall to his death nearby Seyda Neen
welcome-to-the-arena Welcome to the Arena Lets you fight and bet for fights in Vivec's Arena