The npcs-misc category contains miscellaneous changes to non-player characters that don't fit in other npcs categories

Package Atom Name Description
animated-morrowind Animated Morrowind OpenMW Patch Adds new animated NPCs to the world
better-almalexia Better Almalexia An improved Almalexia model using Better Bodies.
divine-vivec Divine Vivec Pluginless replacer for Lord Vivec.
entertainers Entertainers Adds the option to entertain the patrons of the Eight Plates in Balmora
friends-and-foes Friends and Foes Adds friendly and less friendly npcs to the game
greetings-for-no-lore Greetings for No Lore Replaces the three standard No Lore greetings with over sixty new ones.
gregarious-orcs Gregarious Orcs Changes the behaviour of the Orcs who occupy Daedric shrines to Malacath, making them less hostile to Orcs
ldm-context-matters LDM - Context Matters Edits, re-filters, or adds on to vanilla dialogue to add more situational nuance
nastier-camonna-tong Nastier Camonna Tong Adds more offensive greetings to members of the Camonna Tong
no-more-stage-diving No More Stage Diving - Desele's Dancing Girls Keeps the girls in Desele's from dancing off the stage
nx9-guards NX9 guards complete Redoes all the static guard spawns in the game
starfires-npcs Starfire's NPCs Adds npcs to various settlements and parts of the wilderness
umbra-blademaster Umbra - Blademaster Overhauls the titular death-seeking Orsimer into a truly challenging opponent
vivec-remade Vivec Remade A mesh and texture replacer for Vivec
vivecs-muatra Vivec's Muatra Gives Vivec his unique shield based on concept art and his spear, Muatra from Tamriel_Data
wandering-umbra Wandering Umbra Randomizes Umbra's location
wealth-within-measure Wealth Within Measure Adds bankers in Vivec, Ebonheart and Bosmora (TR)
yet-another-guard-diversity Yet Another Guard Diversity Replaces the generic guards of Morrowind with different variations