The landmasses category contains new landmasses and modifications to landmasses

Package Atom Name Description
mountainous-red-mountain Mountainous Red Mountain Increases the height of Red Mountain and makes the landscape a more spikey
province-cyrodiil Province Cyrodiil Adds the island of Stirk, an isle off the coast of Cyrodiil
skyrim-home-of-the-nords Skyrim: Home Of The Nords A massive project that aims to bring the province of Skyrim to Morrowind.
tamriel-data Tamriel Data Adds game data files required by several landmass addition mods
tamriel-rebuilt Tamriel Rebuilt A project that aims to fill in the mainland of Morrowind
wizards-islands Wizards Islands 1.1 RU Giant plugin which adds new island bigger then Solstheimwith up to 30 hours of additional gameplay
wyrmhaven Wyrmhaven Adds Wyrmhaven, a tiny island far to the west of Solstheim