The land-flora category contains changes to plantlife and trees

Package Atom Name Description
a-strange-plant A Strange Plant Brings the Nirnroot to Vvardenfell. A simple, non intrusive quest mod
aesthesia-groundcover Aesthesia Groundcover Grass for Morrowind and Tamriel Rebuilt. Made for every region
ashlands-overhaul Vurt's Ashlands Overhaul Changes all the Ashlands with new trees and graphical enhancements
bloated-morrowind Bloated Morrowind Adds around bloatspores to the wilderness of Morrowind
epic-plants Epic Plants Replaces textures and models of various flora with HQ quality.
oaab-saplings OAAB Saplings Places saplings from OAAB_Data in most regions on Vvardenfell
ozzy-grass Ozzy's Grass Mod Adds animated grass to various regions of Vvardenfell
remiros-groundcover Remiros' Groundcover Adds groundcover to almost all regions
sm-bitter-coast-tree-replacer SM Bitter Coast Tree Replacer This mod replaces the eight main trees on the Bitter Coast.
vurts-groundcover Vurts Groundcover Vurts Groundcover patched for OpenMW.