The items-misc category contains new and modified miscellaneous objects and equipment

Package Atom Name Description
adventurers-backpacks Adventurer's Backpacks Adds wearable backpacks that grant a small feather buff.
akulakhan-replacer Akulakhan Replacer Higher quality mesh and normal mapped textures for Akulakhan
better-equipment-arktwend Better Equipment for Arktwend Compilation of some Better Clothes plugins and Better Morrowind Armor, adapted for Arktwend.
books-for-wares Stuporstar's Books for Wares Adds many lore-friendly and even useful books
dagoth-ur-welcomes-you Dagoth Ur Welcomes You Adds some decor to Dagoth Ur's chamber
glowing-flames Glowing Flames Flames are now glow mapped and/or properly illuminated.
illuminated-palace-of-vivec Illuminated Palace of Vivec This mod adds a lot of candles near the shrines and at the palace steps
improved-better-skulls Improved Better Skulls Improved version of "Better Skulls" by tronvillain & nONatee.
redoran-council-hall-improvement Redoran Council Hall Improvement Adds NPCs of the Redoran faction, as well as various elements of decoration
septim-gold-and-dwemer-dumacs Septim Gold and Dwemer Dumacs Morrowind Septim Coin Gold Replacer now With Dumacs (Dwemer Coins)
sufficient-adamantium Sufficient Adamantium Markedly increases the amount of Raw Adamantium available
uncharted-artifacts Uncharted Artifacts All shipwrecks carry a hidden map revealing the location of a unique, non-quest related artifact. Let the treasure hunting begin!
wares Wares Wares gives traders more Wares (duh)
wares-for-mods Wares for Mods A minimal version of items-misc/wares to support mods that use the system
wares-for-npcs Wares for NPCs Gives NPC's and containers wares support