The gameplay-weapons category contains changes to weapon game mechanics

Package Atom Name Description
auto-ammo-equip Auto Ammo Equip for OpenMW Automatically equips any available arrows or bolts in the inventory.
better-fatigue-usage Better Fatigue Usage Adjusts the fatigue drain on various weapos based on their size
marksman-overhaul Marksman Overhaul Adds new bows and crossbows, and rebalances Morrowind's default bow stats
projectile-overhaul Projectile Overhaul - Modular Faster projectiles and/or magic, higher recovery chance, weightless arrows
weapon-sheathing Weapon Sheathing Makes unreadied weapons appear on the character's hip or back.
weapon-sheathing-tr Weapon Sheathing - Tamriel Rebuilt Adds sheathing support to some weapons added by Tamriel Rebuilt.