The gameplay-misc category contains miscellaneous gameplay changes that don't fit in other gameplay categories

Package Atom Name Description
andromedas-fast-travel Andromeda's Fast Travel Fast travel using signposts, time based on distance
anti-cheese Morrowind Anti-Cheese Fixes the biggest exploits and balance issues in the game
at-home-alchemy At Home Alchemy Allows you to use alchemy tools by activating them when placed
better-chargen Better Chargen Removes tutorial pop-ups and makes chargen more expedient and interesting
bloodmoon-rebalance Bloodmoon Rebalance Rebalances Bloodmoon as if it shipped with Morrowind
book-rotate Book Rotate v5.3 Allows you to place books vertically and horizontally wherever you please
caldera-apparatus Caldera Apparatus Replaces the Master Alchemy Set in the tower of the Caldera Mages Guild with a Journeyman's Alchemy Set
clear-your-name Clear Your Name Adds more RP-friendly options to clear bounties
comfy-pillow-for-a-restful-sleep Comfy Pillow for a restful sleep A pillow that can be used when sleeping as a vampire to disable nightmares
container-ownership Container Ownership Add ownership tags to containers missing them.
containers-animated OpenMW Containers Animated Adds open/close animation and sounds to all containers that should have animation
creeper-mudcrab-no-trade Creeper and Mudcrab No Trade Disables trading with Creeper and the Mudcrab
delayed-db-attack Delayed DB Attack Makes Tribunal main quest start only after significant progress in MW main quest.
dwemer-ebony-service-refusal Dwemer and Ebony Service Refusal makes various Dwemer items and raw ebony not be able to be sold or traded
expansion-delay Expansion Delay Delay and limit dialogue on Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansions.
expansions-integrated Expansions Integrated Integrates content from Tribunal and Bloodmoon into the rest of the world
eye-of-night-toggle Eye of Night Toggle Turns the Eye of Night spell available to the Khajiit race into a toggled effect.
faction-service-beds Faction Service - Beds makes you need to pay, or be high enough rank, to sleep in faction-owned beds
fmi-caius-big-package FMI - Caius Big Package Give Caius Cosades a package worthy of the Grand Spymaster of Vvardenfell.
fmi-hospitality-papers-expanded FMI - Hospitality Papers Expanded Expands quorn's HospitalityPapers Mod
fmi-misc FMI - Misc Fixes a handful of small inconsistencies between lore and what is found in game.
fmi-nice-to-meet-you FMI - Nice to Meet You Improve npc greetings
fmi-notalldunmer FMI - NotAllDunmer Not all Dunmer are slavers.
gedna-no-longer-immortal Gedna No Longer Immortal deletes the script part that makes Gedna level with the player
go-to-jail Morrowind Go To Jail Makes going to jail more like Oblivion
graphic-herbalism Graphic Herbalism Automatically harvests herbs using the container's leveled lists
herbalism-for-purists Herbalism for Purists Lets you pick up plants instead of opening them as containers
house-dagoth-difficulty House Dagoth Difficulty Mod Increases the difficulty of Sixth House enemies by increasing their stats
improved-shrine-journal-entries Improved Shrine Journal entries Improves journal entries for each shrine and adds what each shrine said
lower-first-person-sneak-mode Lower First Person Sneak Mode lowers the position of the first person camera when sneaking/crouching.
morrowind-crafting Morrowind Crafting Adds a crafting system with the aim of being balanced and allowing the crafting and collection of most items in the game, includes 18 new skills related to crafting
nighttime-door-locks Nighttime Door Locks Makes Citizens and Shopkeepers across Vvardenfell lock their doors at night
no-pushover-merchants No Pushover Merchants boost the mercantile and speechcraft of all traders
npc-schedule NPC Schedule Disables NPCs at various times of the day (mostly night)
on-the-move On the move - the Ashlander Tent Deluxe remod Adds a portable nomadic dwelling
persistent-corpse-disposal Persistent Corpse Disposal Removes bodies when they are no longer needed for a quest.
pickpocket-fix Pickpocket Fix Fixes bugs associated with pickpocketing
portable-homes Portable Homes OpenMW script override Makes you exit portable homes the OpenMW way.
price-balance Price Balance Smooths the price curve of expensive items and balances economy.
speechcraft-rebalance Speechcraft Rebalance Rebalances a few speechcraft parameters to make it less frustrating
timescale-change TimeScale Change Changes the Timescale from 30:1 to 15:1
tougher-sixth-house Tougher Sixth House Modifies the Dwemer strongholds of Venymal and Odrosal to be more difficult
tribunal-rebalance Tribunal Rebalance Rebalances Tribunal as if it shipped with Morrowind
true-lights-and-darkness True Lights and Darkness Darkens all interior cells and increases radius of all light sources
true-nights-and-darkness True Nights and Darkness Darker night-time settings for OpenMW
wait-and-sleep Wait and Sleep More immersive wait and sleep.