Global USE Flags

abandoned-flat Adds support for arch-player/abandoned-flat
alternate-start Enables support for alternate start mods
animated-mw Enables support for npcs-misc/animated-morrowind
atlas Includes pre-generated atlas textures for use with project atlas
atlasgen Enables atlas generation
better-bodies Enables support for npcs-bodies/better-bodies
bloodmoon Enable support for Morrowind's Bloodmoon expansion
dark-molag-mar Enable support for arch-towns/dark-molag-mar
darker Lowers the ambient light, sunlight and fog light values
devtools Include Mod development tools/resources
dwemer-mesh-improvement Adds support for assets-meshes/dwemer-mesh-improvement
epic-sadrith-mora Adds support for epic-sadrith-mora
firemoth Adds support for quests-misc/siege-at-fort-firemoth
fixmaps \"Fixes\" Morrowind-style normal maps (supported since OpenMW 0.46) to use the OpenMW normal map handling.
gitd Enables optional Glow in the Dahrk meshes
glowing-bitter-coast Adds support for assets-misc/glowing-bitter-coast meshes
graphic-herbalism Adds support for graphic herbalism
grass Enables optional Groundcover
intelligent-textures Adds support for assets-textures/intelligent-textures
mca Enables support for morrowind comes alive
mesh-improvements Adds compatibility fix for assets-meshes/mesh-improvements
met Adds support for assets-textures/morrowind-enhanced-textures
minimal Installs a minimal version, excluding options and some features
mrm Enables support for mountainous-red-mountain
music Enables optional music tracks
ncgd Enables support for ncgd
nom Enables support for necessities of morrowind
oaab Enables support for base/oaab-data
peterbitt-mtr Enables support for assets-meshes/mushroom-tree-replacer
pfp Enables support for patch-for-purists
province-cyrodiil Adds support for landmasses/province-cyrodiil
roht Enables support for quests-factions/rise-of-house-telvanni
sadrith-mora-expanded Adds support for arch-towns/sadrith-mora-expanded
shotn Adds support for landmasses/skyrim-home-of-the-nords
smooth Uses smoothed versions of meshes
sunrays Adds support for interior sunray meshes (primarily a feature of arch-misc/glow-in-the-dahrk)
tlad Enables support for true-lights-and-darkness
tr enables support for Tamriel Rebuilt
tribunal Enable support for Morrowind's Tribunal expansion
uviriths-legacy Enables support for uviriths-legacy
weapon-sheathing Enables support for gameplay-weapons/weapon-sheathing