arch-dungeons The arch-dungeons category contains new dungeons, as well as architectural changes and overhauls to dungeons.
arch-misc The arch-misc category contains miscellaneous architectural changes
arch-player The arch-player category contains architecture and buildings designed for the player.
arch-towns The arch-towns category contains new towns and other settlements, as well as architectural changes to existing towns.
assets-meshes The assets-meshes category contains new meshes and alternate meshes for those found in other mods.
assets-misc The assets-misc cateogy contains new and alternate meshes and textures that don't consist purely of one or the other.
assets-textures The assets-textures category contains new textures, and alternate textures to those found in other mods.
base The base category contains base games that can be used by themselves.
common Category for common code. This is a special category where the packages can be imported from other pybuilds
factions The factions category contains new factions and changes to existing factions.
gameplay-advancement The gameplay-advancement category contains changes to character advancement game mechanics
gameplay-magic The gameplay-magic category contains changes to magic game mechanics
gameplay-misc The gameplay-misc category contains miscellaneous gameplay changes that don't fit in other gameplay categories
gameplay-weapons The gameplay-weapons category contains changes to weapon game mechanics
items-armor The items-armor category contains new armour, and modifications to existing armour.
items-clothes The items-clothes category contains new clothes and modifications to existing clothes
items-misc The items-misc category contains new and modified miscellaneous objects and equipment
items-weapons The items-weapons category contains new weapons and modifications to specific existing weapons
land-flora The land-flora category contains changes to plantlife and trees
land-misc The land-misc category contains miscellaneous changes to the landscape that don't fall into the other land categories
land-rocks The land-rocks category contains changes to rocks
landmasses The landmasses category contains new landmasses and modifications to landmasses
media-audio The media-audio category contains music, sound effects and other audio changes
media-video The media-video category contains video intros and cutscenes
npcs-bodies The npcs-bodies category contains changes to character appearance
npcs-misc The npcs-misc category contains miscellaneous changes to non-player characters that don't fit in other npcs categories
npcs-voices The npcs-voices category contains changes to npc voices
patches The patches category contains mods that combine information from other mods to build a patch
quests-factions The quests-factions category contains new faction quests, or changes to faction quests.
quests-misc The quests-misc category contains various quests that do not fit into other categories.
skies The skies category contains changes to skyboxes and other objects in the sky.
ui The ui category contains changes to the user-interface.