The assets-textures category contains new textures, and alternate textures to those found in other mods.

Package Atom Name Description
aesthesia-stronghold Aesthesia - Stronghold textures Vanilla friendly textures for strongholds. 2k resolution, handmade, friendly to game aesthetics.
apels-fire-retexture Apel's Fire Retexture Fire retexture.
apels-lighthouse-retexture Apel's Lighthouse Retexture Texture and mesh replacer for the exterior and interior of the Imperial lighthouse in Seyda Neen.
arukinns-better-books-and-scrolls Arukinns Better Books and Scrolls Replaces all the books, bookpages and scrolls
ast-beds-remastered AST Beds Remastered Higher resolution, nicer-looking bed textures
concept-art-vivec-face-replacement Concept Art Vivec Face Replacement Replaces Vivec's face with one inspired by Bethesda concept art.
detailed-tapestries Detailed Tapestries Replaces textures of tapestries in the game (except Sixth House).
facelift Facelift A simple enhancement of vanilla faces and hairs
full-dwemer-retexture Full Dwemer Retexture Full retexture of dwemeri set - architecture, armor and weapon, robots
guar-skin-banners Guar Skin Banners for OpenMW and Vanilla Morrowind Replaces almost all the guar skin banners throughout Vvardenfell by Lysol
high-res-skaal High-res Skaal Retex Retextures all bloodmoon buildings with high-res 2048x2048 textures
hlaalu-normal-mapped Hlaalu Normal Mapped for OpenMW A vanilla friendly high resolution texture pack for hlaalu architecture
intelligent-textures Intelligent Textures Replaces almost all vanilla textures with high resolution AI upscales
long-live-the-glassware Long Live The Glassware - Retexture 1024px Retexture of the glassware of Morrowind. Vanilla-friendly.
long-live-the-limeware Long Live The Limeware - Retexture HD Retexture for the Limeware of Morrowind. Vanilla-friendly.
long-live-the-plates Long Live The Plates - Retexture 1024px Retexture of the 8 standard plates of Morrowind. Vanilla-friendly.
morrowind-enhanced-textures Morrowind Enhanced Textures Morrowind's textures upscaled 4x with ESRGAN technique.
morrowind-vanillaplus-textures Morrowind VanillaPlus Textures Gives most vanilla terrain textures 4x resolution and texture maps
one-true-faith One True Faith - Saints and Frescoes Retexture Retexture for saints, Tribuns and TT-frescoes
orcish-retexture Orcish Retexture Retexture for the orcish armor parts.
ore-rock-retexture Ore Rock Retexture Replaces three ore veins and raw ingredients with high resolution textures.
petes-journal Pete's Journal 2018 a replacement journal texture, including a matching bookmark texture
pherim-scum Pherim's Vanilla Friendly Scum Retexture a simple vanilla friendly texture replacer for the Bitter Coast scum
pixelwind Pixelwind Gives Morrowind a Pixel art style, covering all vanilla textures
pluginless-noglow Pluginless NowGlow Removes enchanted item 'plastic wrap' effect
r-zero-quill R-Zero's Random Retextures (and Replacers) - Quill A collection of texture replacers made by R-Zero (Quill)
road-marker Road Marker retextured Replaces the textures for the "welcome" obelisk.
robe-overhaul Robe Overhaul Replaces all of Morrowind's original robes
set-in-stone Set in Stone Replaces textures of Dwemer, Vivec and Saint statues.
tyddys-armours-retexture Armors Retexture - Outlander Styles High quality and detailed retexture for armors used by n'wah
tyddys-daedric-ruins Daedric Ruins - Arkitektora of Vvardenfell Vanilla gamma and style HQ textures for Daedric Shrines.
tyddys-guars Guars replacer - Aendemika of Vvardenfell High quality texture replacement for the guar
tyddys-hlaalu Hlaalu - Arkitektora Vol.2 High resolution textures of Great House Hlaalu
tyddys-imperial-houses-and-forts Imperial Houses and Forts Retexture - Ordo Arkitektora Full retexture for houses and castles of imperial colonists in Vvardenfell
tyddys-landscape-retexture Tyddy's Landscape Retexture Retexture of soils, grass, stones and snow in Vvardenfell and Solstheim.
tyddys-redoran Redoran - Arkitektora Vol.2 High resolution textures of Great House Redoran and Ald Skar
tyddys-sewers Sewers - Arkitektora of Vvardenfell Vanilla gamma and style sewer retexture
tyddys-shacks-docks-and-ships Shacks Docks and Ships - Arkitektora of Vvardenfell Contains new textures for wooden shacks, docks and ships
tyddys-telvanni Telvanni - Arkitektora of Vvardenfell Vanilla gamma ans style HQ Telvanni and mushrooms retexture.
tyddys-vivec-and-velothi Vivec and Velothi - Arkitektora Vol.2 Textures of Vivec City and Velothi Architecture
vanilla-based-paper-lanterns EKM Vanilla-Based Paper Lanterns Replaces the misc_lantern_paper textures with higher resolution ones.
vurts-silt-strider-retexture Vurts Silt Strider Retexture A brush up of the old silt strider texture by Bethesda.
world-textures Darknut's World Textures Texture replacement for almost all of the world textures in the game.