The assets-misc cateogy contains new and alternate meshes and textures that don't consist purely of one or the other.

Package Atom Name Description
aof-containers AOF Containers New barrels, kegstand, wooden bucket and optional textures for sacks.
apels-various-things-sacks Apel's Various Things - Sacks Texture and mesh replacer for sacks.
apels-various-things-signs Apel's Various Things - Signs Texture and mesh replacer for tavern sign
better-kegstands Better Kegstands Texture and mesh replacer for the two kegstands in the game.
better-waterfalls Better Waterfalls New effects and textures for waterfalls.
bloodmoon-hide-replacer Bloodmoon Hide Replacer Changes the animal hide ingredients to look like hides, not severed heads
caverns-bump-mapped Caverns Bump mapped A retexture of all type of caverns.
cornberry-replacer Comberry Bush and Ingredient Replacer A replacer for the comberry bush with real 3D branches and berries.Now with new mesh and optional vanilla style textures
diverse-blood Diverse Blood 8 new blood textures for NPCs and creatures. 1k quality.
dunmer-lanterns-replacer Dunmer Lanterns Replacer Replaces the Dunmer lanterns from morrowind with smooth, detailed versions
dunmers_ashpits Dunmers ashpits Dunmer's ashpits replacer
dwemer-puzzle-box-replacer Dwemer Puzzle Box Replacer Replaces the Dwemer Puzzle Box.
familiar-faces-by-caleb Familiar Faces by Caleb An in-depth yet vanilla friendly touch up of every head and almost every hair.
glowing-bitter-coast Glowing Bitter Coast Makes the Bitter Coast glow
hackle-lo-fixed Hackle-lo Fixed A replacer for the hackle-lo plant with corrected meshes and improved textures
hirez-armors HiRez Armors Native Styles V2 Fixed Fixed and optimized version of Saint_Jiubs "HiRez Armors - Native Styles V2" that was only available in the old Bethesda forums
improved-kwama-eggs-and-egg-sacs Improved Kwama Eggs and Egg Sacs A mesh and texture replacer for the kwama eggs and egg sacs
inscribed-maar-gan-rock Inscribed Maar Gan Rock gives the rock in the maar gan shrine an inscription like how its described
kagouti-replacer Kagouti replacer - Aendemika of Vvardenfell Mesh and texture replacer for Kagouti.
kets-potions-and-beverages Ket's Potions and Beverages Retexture Vanilla-style texture replacer for potions and beverages.
kets-swirlwood-furniture Ket's Swirlwood Furniture retexture Retextures fine dunmer furniture
know-thy-ancestors Know Thy Ancestors Every Ancestral Tomb in Vvardenfell has a unique banner displaying the family name in Daedric
lougian-scum Scum Retexture Retexture of the scum in the Bitter coast
morrowind-animated-hammocks Morrowind Animated Hammocks Animates the hammocks
morrowind-optimization-patch Morrowind Optimization Patch Greatly improves Morrowind performance and fixes some mesh errors.
new-gondolier-helm New Gondolier Helm High quality replacers for the goldolier helm.
oaab-dwemer-pavements OAAB Dwemer Pavements replaces the cobblestone textures outside of dwemer ruins
pherim-bread Pherim's Improved Bread New model and texture for bread, with normal map.
pherim-cavern-clutter Pherim's Improved Cavern Clutter Some new meshes and textures for cave beams and plants
pherim-fire-fern Pherim's Fire Fern - Plant and Ingredient A mesh and textures replacer for the Fire Fern plant and the Fire Petal ingredient.
pherim-guar-cart Pherim's New Guar Cart A mesh and texture replacer for the guar cart found around Vvardenfell
project-atlas Project Atlas Texture atlases to improve performance
soulgem-replacer Soulgem Replacer Icon, mesh and texture replacer for soulgems.
the-forgotten-shields-artifacts The Forgotten Shields - Artifacts Replaces/modifies/adds artifact/unique/rare shields
tyddys-dunmeri-urns Dunmeri Urns - Aestetika of Vvardenfell HQ Retexture and optional replacer for dunmeri urns and planters
underwater-static-replacer Underwater Static Replacer Texture and mesh replacer for Morrowinds underwater static items.
vanilla-style-armor-remodeling Vanilla Style Armor Remodeling A recreation of a few original Morrowind armor models, in the vanilla style.
velothi-wall-art Velothi Wall Art Adds dunmer concept art around vvardenfell
waterfalls-tweaks Waterfalls Tweaks Various modifications to waterfalls and water splashes.