The assets-meshes category contains new meshes and alternate meshes for those found in other mods.

Package Atom Name Description
baar-dau Baar Dau Replaces Baar Dau with a model made by qwertyasdfgh for Morroblivion
better-meshes-optimization Better Meshes plus Optimization Improves different Morrowind meshes.
cliffracer-replacer Cliffracer Replacer A mesh and texture replacer for the Cliff Racer creature.
correct-meshes Correct Meshes Corrects shortcomings of standard models in UV mapping, ledges, and cracks.
correct-uv-mudcrabs Correct UV Mudcrabs A fixed Mudcrab mesh, reducing distortion and other UV errors.
correct-uv-rocks Correct UV Rocks Corrects UV Rocks
dwemer-mesh-improvement Dwemer Mesh Improvement Replaces models in the Dwemer set. All meshes are made from scratch
fix-those-bastard-rope-fences Fix those bastard rope fences Fixes hitboxes on rope fences to prevent players from getting stuck
i-lava-good-mesh-replacer I Lava Good Mesh Replacer Enhanced lava mesh, with better graphical quality and seamless tiling
improved-imperial-fort-uvs Improved Imperial Fort UVs Improved UV maps for Imperial Forts
ingredients-mesh-replacer Ingredients Mesh Replacer Replaces the meshes of some Morrowind ingredients.
mesh-artifact-improvements PikachunoTMs Mesh Artifact Improvements and Replacers Replaces many vanilla Morrowind meshes with scratch-built versions
mesh-fix Mesh Fix A pluginless mesh replacer containing a collection of 121 fixed meshes
mesh-improvements Mesh Improvements A simple mesh replacer that replaces some of the older meshes is Morrowind.
meteorite-ministry Meterorite Ministry Turns Baar Dau into a proper meteorite
moar-mesh-replacers MOAR Mesh Replacers Meshes created for the Morrowind Original Asset Replacement project.
mudcrab-replacer Mudcrab Replacer A mesh and texture replacer for the Mudcrab creature.
mushroom-tree-replacer Mushroom Tree Replacer A mesh and texture replacer for the Emperor Parasol mushroom trees.
no-shield-sparkle No Shield Sparkle Removes sparkle effects from Shield
oriental-mesh-improvements Oriental Mesh Improvements Meshes of the oriental styled weapons with higher polycount versions.
pherim-imperial-fort-uvs Pherim's More Imperial Fort UVs More Imperial fort UVs to complement Improved Imperial Fort UVs by SGMonkey
pherim-nix-hound Pherim's Improved Nix-Hound Mesh An improved mesh for the nix-hound creature based on the original mesh
pherim-uv-rocks Pherim's Detailed Correct UV Rocks More detailed versions of the CorrectUV rock meshes by Nicholiathan
properly-smoothed-meshes Properly Smoothed Meshes A graphic replacer covering misc items, furniture, lights, and containers
rr-better-meshes RR Mod Series - Better Meshes Properly smoothed vanilla meshes
rr-better-ships-and-boats RR Mod Series - Better Ships and Boats This is a placeholder package. It cannot be installed
scamp-replacer Scamp Replacer A mesh and texture replacer for the Scamp creature.
swayland Swayland A pluginless replacer for all 4 rope bridge models in Morrowind
telvanni-mesh-improvement Telvanni Mesh Improvement Replaces 43 Telvanni set mesh models.