The arch-towns category contains new towns and other settlements, as well as architectural changes to existing towns.

Package Atom Name Description
balmora-underworld Balmora Underworld Adds and improves underground areas in and near Balmora
beautiful-cities-of-morrowind Beautiful Cities of Morrowind This is a placeholder package. It cannot be installed
caldera Ald'ruhn Detailing Caldera
caldera-mine-expanded Caldera Mine Expanded Expands Caldera Mine in every way possible
dark-molag-mar Dark Molag Mar Retexture of Molag Mar
distant-mournhold Distant Mournhold Adds distant buildings to Mournhold
epic-ald-ruhn Epic Ald Ruhn Adds buildings and clutter in Ald Ruhn, Skar and Fort Buckmoth
epic-balmora Epic Balmora A richer, larger and socio-economically diverse Balmora
epic-sadrith-mora Epic Sadrith Mora A richer, larger and more diverse Sadrith Mora
imperium-castle-ebonheart Imperium - Castle Ebonheart Castle Ebonheart and the Imperial Chapel interiors have been refurbished, now featuring OAAB and TR assets.
kilcundas-balmora Kilcunda's Balmora Gives Balmora a fresh look by adding more to it but without going overboard
mournhold-overhaul Mournhold Overhaul Adds and improves Mournhold buildings, trees, gardens and more
red-vos Red Vos Gives the village of Vos a unique, reddish texture to complement the region
rethinking-vivec Rethinking Vivec Highly incompatible Open Vivec mod.
rr-lighthouse-tel-branora RR Mod Series - Telvanni Lighthouse Tel Branora This mod adds a Telvanni style Lighthouse to Tel Branora
rr-lighthouse-tel-vos RR Mod Series - Telvanni Lighthouse Tel Vos Adds a Telvanni style Lighthouse not far from Tel Vos and Tel Mora
sadrith-mora-expanded Sadrith Mora Expanded Expands the city of Sadrith Mora, such as an upper district behind Tel Naga
tyddys-necrom Necrom - Arkitektora of Morrowind New, better, detailed, textures for Necrom, Saint City of the Dead Ones.
unique-tavern-signs-tr Unique Tavern Signs for Tamriel Rebuilt Replaces the Imperial tavern signs in Tamriel Rebuilt with new and unique ones
white-suran-md White Suran 2 - MD Edition Gives Suran white textures to make it stand out among Hlaalu architechture