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    Glow in the Dahrk

    Windows transition to glowing versions at night


    Version openmw tes3mp
    3.0.3 stable
    2.11.2 stable
    2.11.1 stable
    2.10.3-r1 stable
    2.9.1 stable
    2.8.2 stable
    USE flags Local USE flags

    glass For those who prefer the original Windows Glow look with glass windows on Raven Rock and Nord buildings.
    telvanni-dormers Adds windows to Telvanni settlements
    interior-sunrays Optional sunrays from indoors
    Global USE flags
    dark-molag-mar Enable support for arch-towns/dark-molag-mar
    devtools Include Mod development tools/resources
    sunrays Adds support for interior sunray meshes (primarily a feature of arch-misc/glow-in-the-dahrk)
    tr enables support for Tamriel Rebuilt
    USE_EXPAND flags (texture_size)
    1024 Enables textures of size 1024
    512 Enables textures of size 512
    License free-derivation
    Author/Maintainer Melchior Dahrk and NullCascade