The arch-misc category contains miscellaneous architectural changes

Package Atom Name Description
ghastly-glowyfence Ghastly Glowyfence Parallax mapped and animated ghost fence.
glow-in-the-dahrk Glow in the Dahrk Windows transition to glowing versions at night
ports-of-vvardenfell Ports Of Vvardenfell Updates the various travel ports throughout Vvardenfell to look more used.
rr-statues-replacer RR Mod Series - Morrowind Statues Replacer Pluginless replacer for different Morrowind statues
sanctus-shrine Sanctus Shrine Minor cosmetic changes to the Sanctus Shrine
stav-gnisis-minaret Stav's Boxes - Gnisis Minaret Adds tower to the Gnisis temple that is seen on artworks
tower-of-vos Tower of Vos This mod makes the Tower of Vos (Tel Vos) much, much taller than before