The arch-dungeons category contains new dungeons, as well as architectural changes and overhauls to dungeons.

Package Atom Name Description
face-of-the-hortator Face of the Hortator Adds a high-level dungeon containing the fabled Face of the Hortator
get-wrecked Get Wrecked - Shipwreck Overhaul Overhauls all shipwreck interiors with additional detail and individuality.
greater-dwemer-interiors Greater Dwemer Interiors Darknut's Greater Dwemer Ruins, Greater Dwemer Interiors 1.2
mamaea-awakened Mamaea Awakened This mod aims to make Mamaea a more memorable visit for the player
mines-and-caverns Mines and Caverns This mod improves and/or expands several vanilla dungeons
samarys-ancestral-tomb-expanded Samarys Ancestral Tomb Expanded Modifies Samarys Ancestral Tomb's interior, turning it into a much larger dungeon
sobitur-facility Sobitur Facility Adds an operational Dwemer Cyborg factory to the north of Vos