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common/atlasgen 2021-09-17
npcs-bodies/vsbr 2021-09-16
arch-towns/rethinking-vivec 2021-09-15
assets-misc/vanilla-style-armor-remodeling 2021-09-15
assets-textures/pluginless-noglow 2021-09-13
assets-textures/facelift 2021-09-12
bin/delta-plugin 2021-09-12
patches/delta-plugin 2021-09-12
creatures-misc/triangletooth-ecology 2021-09-12
assets-meshes/i-lava-good-mesh-replacer 2021-09-04

The OpenMW Mod Repository

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The OpenMW Mod Repository stores pybuilds, a variation on Gentoo’s Ebuilds. These build files can be used by Portmod to install OpenMW mods.

See Portmod for details on how to use this repository to install mod packages.

An overview of the format can be found on the Portmod Wiki.

If you are interested in contributing packages, see CONTRIBUTING